News from Biblioteka Krakowskiej Akademii im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego Temporary regulations of using the Main Reading Room <p><strong>Temporary regulations of using the Lending Room and Main Reading Room of Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University Library.</strong><br />1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University Library operates to a limited extent. The only units that operate are: the Lending Room and Main Reading Room.<br />2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Medicine Reading Room, Magazine Reading Room, Silent Study Rooms and Group Study Room (that are in the Main Reading Room) remain closed until further notice.<br />3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The users of the Library are strictly obliged to cover their mouth and nose, disinfect their hands&nbsp; and keep all the safety means in the Lending Room and Main Reading Room.<br />4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; There may be one person only at one open position in the Lending Room. There may be the number of users not exceeding the number of assigned positions in the Main Reading Room.<br />5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Coats, jackets, backpacks, bags, laptops, phones, etc. must not be brought into the Main Reading Room. These things should be located in the deposit lockers in the Library or in the cloakroom of the University. The user is allowed to enter the Main Reading Room only with his or her own pen and paper pages.<br />6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It is required to disinfect hands and inform the Library worker about the aim of the visit in the Main Reading Room. Please bear in mind that being in the Main Reading Room should be limited solely to using the Library collection as well as databases and the time of a visit should be limited to the minimum necessary, only for the scientific purposes. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the user can be obligated to wear disposable gloves.<br />7.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the Main Reading Room the user is obliged to take a seat indicated by the Library worker taking into consideration the safe distance between the users of the Main Reading Room.<br />8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The reference library accessible in the Main Reading Room and the Medicine Reading Room and the magazines from the Magazine Reading Room must be given by the Library worker. Additionally, free access to the shelves has been excluded temporarily. The books from the Main Reading Room and the Library materials ordered to the Main Reading Room can be viewed only using disposable gloves. The user can use up to five positions maximally at the same time.<br />9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The user who would like to use the computer and/or the scanner in the Main Reading Room is obliged to inform the Library worker and take a seat indicated by the Library worker. Photocopying machines in the Library are currently out of service until further notice.<br />10.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After all work in the the Main Reading Room, the users are obliged to leave the books in the position that has been occupied and the disposable gloves must be thrown into the designated dustbin. Subsequently, the users are obliged to disinfect their hands.<br />11.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Due to sanitary conditions, the Main Reading Room will be properly aired on a regular basis. Additinally, the flat surfaces and deposit lockers will be disinfected.<br />12.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The opening time of the Lending Room and the Main Reading Room depends on epidemic conditions. The current opening time is available on the website of the Library as well as on the entrance door.</p>